About Us


Claudia .M​

Hello everyone! I am Claudia Mina, co-owner of Claunat fashion. I started my career in fashion years ago in Copacabana, Brazil, where I owned and managed a couple of clothing stores. Then life happened and I came to the U.S. but I never forgot my true passion. Then one day, my friend Nadir and I, after reminiscing our days in Brazil, we realized how hard was to find our beloved Brazilian styles in North America. That's how the idea of 'CLAUNAT FASHION' began. An ambitious project to bring the diversity of the neat designs and colorful fashion from Brazil to USA. I am proud to start this journey with my talented friend and we are ready to take on the challenge. I am confident that our choices, competitive prices and quality will amaze you.

Nadir .S

My name is Nadir and I am from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Eight beautiful years in the USA living the American dream. I have worked for 30 years as a professional Hair Stylist and as a hobby I have always been into the fashion industry. Beauty and fashion have always been my passion and I am very enthusiastic about my country and the beautiful things Brazil has to offer. After several months in the making and with the help of my partner Claudia we have decided to launch our own personal project ‘CLAUNAT FASHION’. A unique line of perfect fit and relaxing jeans for most body types directly from Brazil. We truly believe these jeans will bring up your self-esteem and confidence in your everyday life.


We decided to create Claunat fashion because we love the beautiful styles from Brazil.

The looks are delightful and the designs are elegant and exquisite. The fabric quality is premium with some innovating ideas.

Perhaps because of the geography, we do not see those amazing fashions varieties available in the US.  That is when we resolved to combine our expertise and experiences to bring the lovely and fascinating Brazilian fashion over to America.

We aim to offer our clients the best quality fashion products and provide the most stunning and wonderful choices available for you to look your best!

We love what we do and we hope our hard work will satisfy your expectations. You can always reach us through the “Contact Us” page and let us know your thoughts/questions about us.

Thank you for reading! & Have a great day as well!

Claunat Fashion.